The Battle


The Battle of San Pasqual” as shown here, is the most updated, and historically accurate account ever written to date concerning this event. It took over three years to compose and was completed by 1995. It is the first chronologically correct account of this military engagement. Standard procedures for a criminal investigation were employed in order to achieve this remarkable narrative of the battle.  This required a corroboration of both witness statements and physical evidence.

The following account of the “Battle of San Pasqual” is created from all first-hand accounts of the battle with the exception of some second-hand accounts when the second-hand witness (often the interviewer) is believed to be credible, (e.g., Judge Benjamin Hayes, Captain S. F. du Pont, Hurbert H. Bancroft, Doctor George D. Lyman, etc.).

It has, with purpose, been written in narrative form.

Fight scenes involving soldiers and Californios in combat in this narrative, while conjectural in nature, are recreations based on actual evidence.  Medical notes taken of wounds involving the U.S. Army dragoons in this engagement, were subjected to modern law enforcement investigative techniques involving crime scene reconstruction.  Thus, the most likely scenario to explain where, and how a cutting-wound(s) was made during the course of battle as described by first-hand witnesses, results in the battle account given.

Part 1: Pico

Part 2: Scouting Party

Part 3: The Charge

Part 4: Battle

Part 5: Aftermath

Part 6: The Day After

Part 7: Mule Hill