1853 Survey Site (SLP-S-14)

Author: George Hruby

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SLP-S-14: detail of topo map

As California acquired its Statehood in 1848, the United States Government began a systematic process of officially surveying all existing roads in California. This was particularly important in tracking main road systems that would become important in initial trade and commerce.

One such road was the Carreta Road which connected the different Indian settlements from Santa Ysabel, through Ramona to San Pasqual, through Pala, and ultimately to the larger Mission sites such as Missions Basilica San Diego de Alcala (San Diego) and San Luis Rey (Oceanside), and onward north to Los Angeles. The road was an early trade route built for the purpose of commerce and believed operational by 1835 when the Pueblo of San Pasqual was established by the Mexican Governor, Echeandia.

The sketch of the Battle of San Pasqual by Lieutenant Emory in 1846, showed the soldiers descent down San Pasqual Hill and the road continuing west, on through the valley. In 1853, just seven years later, a government surveyor stood at the bottom of the same road that descended down San Pasqual Hill. Standing at that location, he wrote the following field notes:

Road from San Diego to Santa Ysabel ascends the mountain, course S.E. & N.W.
40.00 Set ¼ Sec.post Deposited 6 stones 3x3.Raised mound with trench as per instructions.
80.00 Set post corner of Secs. 3x4. Deposited rock 5x5. Raised mound with trench as per instructions. E ½ mountainous 3rd rate W ½ level 1st rate.

The SPBSLP Survey-Engineer Team established Site # SLP-S-14 as the location where this surveyor stood in 1853 to obtain the above set of coordinates in his field notes. It should be noted that this location is found on the SLP-Descent Road, not the Bibb-Descent Road. In addition, the Survey-Engineer Team has established that this exact location is accurate within a 50' radius. The Bibb-Descent Road is approximately 75' from this location and outside the 50' accuracy range of SLP-S-14 site.

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