Author: George Hruby


The only known perspective of site locations pertinent to the Battle of San Pasqual, that actually come from a participant of this event, comes from a sketch done at the battle by a 35 year old Army topographical engineer named Lieutenant William H. Emory. Done in parts, and at various locations the day of the battle, Emory would later in time, submit a formal completed version to the 1 Session of the 30 As the term implies, it is a “sketch” only and not a detailed map. Therefore, it is a basic visual overview of the situation in reference to various locations involved in this military engagement. The challenge today, over a century-and-a-half later, is to take this “sketch” and interpret it correctly as it pertains to today's modern San Pasqual Valley in San Diego, California.

Without exact coordinates given or detailed notes accompanying the sketch, the locations shown have been left to several different interpretations across the last century.

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